A Fundraising And Community Serving Business With Online Gift Shops That Help In Multiple Ways! 1. All Gifts Purchased From The Gift Shop Sites Are For Children, Women And Men In Our Communities. 2. A Portion Of The Price Of Every Gift Purchased Through The Fundraising Goes Back To Your Organization, School, Club, Team Or Cause, Helping Raise Funds. 3. Businesses Can Help The Community, Team Build, Advertise And Give To Non-Profits Through Twice The Kindness And Have Tax Deductions To Help As Well!

-3 Easy Steps-

1). For Fundraising: Your Organization, School, Team, Club or Mission chooses a Fundraising category/site from below. The Fundraising category chosen will be the Community Recipients of ALL the gifts purchased. Information for Financial set up along with paperwork will be given to your Organization for the Fundraiser that your Organization chooses. **For Businesses giving to 501(C)3 Non-Profits, Please See Below**

2). The Website URL of the Fundraiser category chosen, along with information about the Online Gift Shop Fundraiser will be given to your Organization, School, Team, or Mission that will be shared via Emails, Texts, Social Media and Flyers to All Family, Friends, Coworkers, Classmates and Acquaintances.

3). Family, Friends, Coworkers, Classmates and Acquaintances purchase a gift/gifts from the website link that your Organization shares. Your Organization, School, Team, or Club has the option to run the fundraiser from 1-3 weeks. Your Organization, School, Team or Club will receive a report of all gifts purchased and funds raised, each week of the fundraiser. Twice The Kindness, LLC will send a check for all funds raised to your Organization, School, Team or Club within 10 business days of the fundraising ending date.
A Delivery Date is set for all gifts to be delivered straight to the Category chosen in the Community. *Sandwich Making, Meal Serving and Gift Kit Crafts And Gift Bag making for Team Building and Community Service Dates will also be scheduled. If anyone in your Organization would like to draw/paint pictures or make cards to go along with the purchased gifts, Twice The Kindness, LLC will pick them up and deliver them on the scheduled Delivery Date.* 

** For Businesses, You Will Select The Business Gift Package That You Would Like Your Business Team To Give To In The Community. Please See The:

~Chick-fil-A® Meals Site~And The~ Gift Kits Site~ For The Business Gift Packages For 501(c)3 Organizations. Your Business will choose the Business Gift Package that your Business wants to give and your Business will have Team Building Opportunities, Help Give to the Community, Advertise and Receive an In-Kind letter with the 501(c)3 information for Tax Deduction Purposes**

Twice The Kindness/Chick-fil-A® Meals – All gifts purchased on this category website will bring delicious Chick-fil-A® meals and big smiles to Hospital Patients, the Homeless, First Responders, Teachers, Nurses and More!

❤ Twice The Kindness/Gifts For Cancer And Hospital Patients-All gifts purchased on this category website will bring many smiles and rays of hope to Adult and Children Patients at Cancer Centers, Hospitals and Children’s Hospitals.

Twice The Kindness/Gift Kits – All gifts purchased on this category website will bring Craft Gift Kits, delicious sandwiches, meals, fun dances, laughter and hope to many children, teens and adults in our Communities.

Twice The Kindness/Gifts For The Homeless-All gifts purchased on this category website will bring warmth, kindness, and hope to many Homeless Women, Children and Men in our Community Homeless Shelters.

❤ Twice The Kindness/Gifts For Veterans And The Elderly-All gifts purchased on this category website will bring joy and smiles to our Veterans and Elderly Men and Women in Senior Homes and Hospitals in our Community.

❤ Twice The Kindness/The Giving Tree-All gifts purchased on this category website will bring joy and many smiles to Children and Teens during the Holiday Season. All gifts are items that are on many wish lists and all gifts will be delivered to Homeless Shelters, Foster Care Centers and Children’s Hospitals.

Twice The Kindness/Summer Lunch Help-All gifts purchased on this category website will bring sunshine and smiles and will help feed Homeless Children, Families, Women and Men in Homeless Shelters during the Summer Season.

❤ We Look Forward To Giving Back To The Community With You, And Helping Your Organization, School, OR Team Raise Funds! ❤

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