An Online Gift Shop Fundraiser And Community Serving Business Where Every Gift Purchased Is Sure To Bring Smiles, Hope and Joy To Our Community And Help Raise Funds!

1) Click On The "Gifts" Button, Select A Gift/Gifts From The Gift Shop ~ALL Gifts Purchased Will Be Delivered To Children, Women And Men In Our Community ~For Fundraising: Every $25.00 Gift Package Gives Four Breakfast Meals Or Two Lunch/Dinner Box Meals and $10.00 Back to Your School, Organization, Club, Team Or Mission.

**For Businesses Giving To 501(c)3 Organizations~Please See The Business Packages And Select The Package Your Business Wants To Give**

2) Go To Your Cart And Check Out, ~There Are No Extra Fees, Taxes Are Included In The Price~

3) On The Check Out Page ~ Highlight And Click On *Who Sent You*~In The, Who Sent You Drop Bar~*Scroll Down And Click On The Organization That Sent You~ You Will Find The Name Of The School, Organization, Club Or Team That Sent You In The Email/Text Message/Flyer/Post, Given To You By The School, Organization, Club Or Team That You Are Supporting. * Please Type The Student's Name In The Required Box And Select Their Grade In The Drop Bar*

4) All Gifts Will Be Delivered By Twice The Kindness And Chick-fil-A ®Marietta, To The Communinity Group Shared By Your School, Organization, Club, Or Team*

5) 40% Of The Purchase Price Of Every Gift Purchased Will Be Given To Your School, Organization, Club Or Team At The End Of The Fundraiser

** For Businesses, You Will Select And Add To Cart The Business Gift Package That You Would Like Your Business Team To Give. These Are Gift Packages For 501(c)3 Organizations. On The Check Out Page~Select Your Company's Name And In the Student Drop Bar, Select No Student And Select No Grade. Your Business Will Receive Receipts And An In-KInd Letter With The 501(c)3 Information For Tax Deduction Purposes**

Thank You For Sharing The Kindness And Joy!

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